主任研究員 Chief Research Scientist
ブリズガロフ・ピーター Peter Bryzgalov



露欧ホリスティック性能解析フレームワーク (HOPSA/Lapta)の可視化システムとUI🔗 🔗
「京」・FX10コンピュータ向けのアプリケーション開発のための並列プログラム統合開発環境 Eclipse PTP の適合 🔗
並列アプリクーション総合性能解析システムTAUを京コンピュータに適合 🔗
仮想技術Dockerを用いて簡単にIaaSを構築できるツール群 🔗
Fortranソースコード分析ツール K-scopeのためのリモートビルドシステム 🔗
GPUクラウドサービスの比較 🔗

Graduated from Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics in 1995. From 1995 to 2013 worked as a programmer and later as a research scientist at the Laboratory of Parallel Information Technologies of Moscow State University Research Computing Center. From 1996 to 1998 was a research student at the Information Science Laboratory of Shizuoka University Education Faculty. Received PhD in Physics and Mathematics from Moscow State University in 2006. From 2013 to 2016 worked as a research scientist in the HPC Usability Research Team of AICS, RIKEN. From 2016 to 2017 – as a visiting scientist. From April 2016 work as a chief research scientist in STAIR laboratory.

Worked on a wide range of projects, including: Electronic encyclopedias and online teaching materials on Linear Algebra 🔗 and Parallel Computations 🔗,
Data visualization and UI for Holistic Performance System Analysis (HOPSA) 🔗 🔗,
Adaptation of Eclipse PTP IDE for C/C++/Fortran with MPI to the K computer 🔗,
Adaptation of TAU performance system to the K computer 🔗,
Tools for IaaS construction using light-weight virtualization technology Docker 🔗,
Remote building subsystem for Fortran source code analysis tool K-scope 🔗,
Installation tools and remote batch visualization system for K-portal – Computing portal for the K computer, Comparing GPU cloud providers based on CPU and GPU theoretical peak performance 🔗,

Research Interest

並列計算、性能解析、性能解析ソフトウェア、並列プログラム開発環境 Parallel computations, Performance analysis, Performance analysis software, Development environments for parallel applications