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深層学習の進歩は理論のみならず、コンピュータのソフトウェア/ハードウェア両方の進化と相まって目覚ましいものがあります。言語、画像、動画などの分野における成果はこれから様々な分野で社会実装が行われていくでしょう。STAIR Labでは積極的に社会実装に取り組むと同時に、研究ではさらに高次の論理的思考、説明可能性、長期記憶機構、ファクトとそうで無いものの区別、マルチモーダルな記憶など、次なる大きな課題に取り組んでゆきます。新たなチャプターの始まりです。


The progress of deep learning has been remarkable, not only in theory, but also in combination with advances in both computer software and hardware. The outcomes in the areas of language, images, and video will be implemented in various fields of our society in the future. The STAIR Lab is actively engaged in social implementation, and at the same time, we will continue to tackle the next big challenges such as higher-order logical thinking, explainability, long-term memory mechanisms, fact/non-fact distinction, and multimodal memory mechanism. This is the beginning of a new chapter.

The size of deep learning models has increased by orders of magnitude over the past decade. Model training time has correspondingly increased exponentially, but parallel and distributed software technology has made it possible to train on the scale of large computational infrastructures. Training deep learning models is now one of the very large scale applications of computers. Software technology is now required to maximize the performance of increasingly large computational resources.

2022年4月 所長April, 2022. Director

竹内彰一Akikazu Takeuchi


千葉工業大学 人工知能・ソフトウェア技術研究センター
STAIR Lab / ステアラボ

Software Technology and Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory

設立年月日:2015年4月1日 所長:竹内彰一

〒275-0016 千葉県習志野市津田沼2-17-1
千葉工業大学津田沼キャンパス4号館2階 JR津田沼駅より徒歩1分


Software Technology and Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory,
Chiba Institute of Technology

Date of Establishment: Apr. 1, 2015
Director: Akikazu Takeuchi

2nd floor, Bldg. 4, Tsudanuma campus of Chiba Institute of Technology,
2-17-1 Tsudanuma, Narashino, Chiba 275-0016, JAPAN