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近年、脳の機能やその生理学的知見の多大な蓄積が進むなか、脳神経網をモデルにした学習機能をもつソフトウェアによる情報処理機構が長足な発展を示している。特に深層学習(deep learning)と呼ばれる機械学習方式は、人間の柔らかな知能の実現を強く示唆する機能をもつことが明らかになり、これを期に近年GoogleやFacebookを含む多数の企業が人工知能に関する研究所を設立している。



In recent years, as knowledge of brain functions and their physiological aspects has been accumulated, information processing mechanisms based on software that has learning functions modeled on neural networks in human brains have rapidly and greatly evolved. Especially, it is shown that a machine-learning approach called deep learning has functions that strongly suggest the realization of flexible intelligence of humans. Taking this opportunity, numerous companies including Google and Facebook established research institutes for artificial intelligence.

Meanwhile, computers continue to become widespread and popular as a social infrastructure which is essential for our life. It is even hard to find a service which is benefit little from computers: mobile phones, automobiles, transportation, business transactions, financial services, entertainments, and so forth. Therefore, the importance of software technology is further increasing because it is one of elemental technologies that are essential for making computers operate efficiently and correctly as intended. Moreover, from the viewpoint of making the results of artificial intelligence researches accessible to the general public, the research on software technology and its development are important.

In light of the background, we believe that it should be meaningful to establish a research institute dedicated to study and development of artificial intelligence and software technology from various aspects and meet a social need technically, and hence contribute to social development and people development, which are the core missions of universities.

2015年4月 所長Apr. 2015. Director

米澤明憲Akinori Yonezawa


千葉工業大学 人工知能・ソフトウェア技術研究センター
STAIR Lab / ステアラボ

Software Technology and Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory

設立年月日:2015年4月1日 所長:米澤明憲

〒275-0016 千葉県習志野市津田沼2-17-1
千葉工業大学津田沼キャンパス4号館2階 JR津田沼駅より徒歩1分


Software Technology and Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory,
Chiba Institute of Technology

Date of Establishment: Apr. 1, 2015
Director: Akinori Yonezawa

2nd floor, Bldg. 4, Tsudanuma campus of Chiba Institute of Technology,
2-17-1 Tsudanuma, Narashino, Chiba 275-0016, JAPAN