ハナノナ:人工知能による花のきめ細かな分類 hananona : Flower Classification by Deep Learning

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人工知能に関する技術的な詳細はこちらを ご覧ください。

A.I. flower classification system
Infants learn the names of things when adults teach them the names of the objects they see. The latest artificial intelligence research makes it possible to teach computers the name of things by showing many examples, just like humans do. The keys are a large amount of training data and deep learning. By leveraging this latest technology, we have developed artificial intelligence capable of classifying flowers by using over 300,000 examples of flower pictures. This system can now classify 406 kinds of flowers. For more technical information about the system, please refer to here.

この人工知能を応用したインタラクティブな作品「ハナノナ」を千葉工業大学 東京スカイツリータウンRキャンパスに展示しました。

An interactive work “hananona” (meaning “name of flower”) using this new AI technology is now being exhibited at Tokyo Skytree Campus of Chiba Institute of Technology.


“hananona” can visualize how AI acquires the ability to classify a flower through learning a large amount of flower photos.


When it photographs a flower from a book on the center table, it identifies the name of the flower and shows its class among similar flowers on a visual “flower map.” These books contain images of flowers with different abstraction levels, such as pictures, paintings, etc. Observe how the AI reacts to different abstraction levels of flowers.


The “Flower Map” is a visualization of how artificial intelligence has learned over 300,000 pictures. It is a group of clusters, each of which corresponds to one class of flowers. Looking at each “cluster”, you can see how artificial intelligence classifies the flowers. Even when taking different appearances, it understands the similarities and recognizes them as the same kind of flower.

ハナノナ-webバージョン-は、スマートフォン、タブレット、PC などからもご利用できます。
ブラウザーから を訪問してください。

The web version of “hananona” can be used from your smartphone, tablet, and PC.
Take a picture of flower objects in the surrounding display cases and try the “hananona” web version.

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株式会社Surface & Architecture(クリエイティブディレクション、デザイン)

In collaboration with  
Surface & Architecture, Inc. (Creative Direction, Design)
Kyoko Kuno (Art Direction)
Tomohiro Akagawa (Interaction Design, Programming)
Tanoshim Inc.(Programming)
mokha Inc. (Server programming)

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